Music To Imbibe In

Every now and then I need to cleanse my musical palate, and when I do there are a couple of ‘go to’ albums in my collection I always reach for.

I am, first and foremost, a rock and pop guy, and regularly listen to all of the different genres that fit underneath the umbrella (electronica, prog, new wave, punk, classic rock, metal, etc). Even though I have hundreds of albums to choose from I sometimes need a change of pace. What, pray tell to I grab in these circumstances? I have a few compilations of early ‘60’s lounge music and a couple of Jazz albums from 1959 that help me get back on track.

take 5kind of blueThe two jazz albums are Dave Brubeck’s Time Out (the one that contains the great Take 5) and Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis. Obvious choices if you are an aficionado of the genre, but a great place to start for the uninitiated like me. I couldn’t really tell you the names of the other musicians, or the various influential time signatures they used and pioneered, but as far as Jazz albums (Modal Jazz?) go I can tell you these are probably two of the most enjoyable and accessible. I dig ‘em anyway.

UltraLounge1-300x300The early ‘60’s compilations are entitled “Ultra Lounge”, and they are wonderful. There’s, like, 20 or so in the series, and they all have different themes to differentiate them. What do they sound like? Lots of vibraphones, xylophones, ethereal female backing singers, strings, the odd Theremin, stand-up bass, and most are instrumentals;  space age bachelor pad music, martini music, swinger music, that kind of thing. It’s the aural equivalent of 1950’s architecture, all straight angles and pure nostalgia.

Music that is so retro cool it could be considered nowtro. A couple more days of this and I’ll be right back to normal.

Dig it, Daddy-O!

PS: Just found this album in a thrift store. A double, over 40 ‘songs’, by the master of Exotica Martin Denny!