Sound Familiar?

So. The remaster/reissue website is starting a new series entitled “Second Hand News” whereby they’ll be……..oh, let’s let them tell you:

“With the decline of independent record stores, and the near obliteration of the big chains (at the time of writing HMV in the UK is closing a massive amount of shops, and its future looks far from bright) we are finding that charity (or thrift) shops are becoming excellent places to find rare, or interesting releases and generally very cheap prices.

So in the first of a new monthly feature, Second Hand News will give you a little insight into the ‘new arrivals’ into the SuperDeluxeEdition used record collection. Second hand items that have caught our eye and resulted in a purchase and a bounce in our step as we head back to SDE HQ and look forward to listening to the items in question.”

You bet, you’ve seen this before, right here on little old Uncle E’s site! “Thrift Store Finds” I calls it! Copycats!! Bastards! Thieves!!

Kidding aside, I am looking forward to reading what they find over on the other side of the pond (I believe they’re based out of the UK?). But I agree wholeheartedly, thrift stores are THE place (in some towns the ONLY place) to score some new music of the physical variety. Looking forward to this one…