Ph-ph-ph-ph phases!

confusion-fingersSometimes I envy the genre specific music fan; those people who are so enamored with a particular style of music that all others are ignored totally. It must be really easy for them to choose their daily playlist. “Should I listen to a Bon Scott era AC/DC album or a Brian Johnson one? Decisions, decisions…”

I am not blessed this way. As a matter of fact my music library is about as schizophrenic as it gets. Frank Zappa or Frank Sinatra, Yes or The Stranglers, ABC or The Dead Kennedys, The Pet Shop Boys or Nick Lowe, The Beatles or Underworld…starting to feel my pain yet?

This can, and often does, lead to frustration each morning when I am deciding what to listen to. Just what ‘style’, or ‘genre’ do I feel like today? I have a little CD box (holds 20 CD’s) for the car and it’s mostly filled with a veritable cornucopia of styles/genres, and This kind of works; but not really. I find myself attracted to a particular genre for sometimes weeks on end, so the others sit there and gather dust. For example, I have been in a classic progressive mood lately, and I can already feel it abating somewhat, so it’s time to pick another brand, if you know what I mean. A few months ago I was in a maniacal Britpop state of mind and listened to nothing else but Blur and Pulp. Before that it was 80’s new wave. I go through genre phases nowadays instead of the old iPod shuffle, although I do find that particular function helpful in helping me choose what genre I’m in the mood for.

I am also absolutely gorging myself on music and have been for the last couple of years, more so than ever, I think. My unending hunger for tuneage is at a fever pitch right now, and it feels more and more like a true and very real addiction, albeit a fun and harmless one. I suppose it’s my own personal version of a Middle Age Crisis. Instead of buying a Corvette, or cheating on my spouse (something I’d never do, just not built for that kind of deceit), I’m devouring music at an unprecedented rate.