I’m Only Kidding, People!

I am still getting angry folks telling me that “I have my facts wrong” after stumbling across my silly “Fun Facts About….” posts. Ok, last time: THESE ARE NOT REAL. THEY ARE SILLY, MADE UP, FICTION! How on earth could anyone really think these are true? The latest was some Journey fan that took offense at the one regarding Steve Perry. Here it is again. Am I nuts, ’cause I thought, when writing it, that no one in their right mind would actually take them as fact.

Fun Facts About Journey’s Steve Perry

Did you know …

…that he suffers from “lethologica”, the bizarre affliction which describes the state of never being able to remember the word you want to say?

…that he has over one hundred vocal sounds, while his dog Sherri only possesses a mere ten?

…that Steve’s urine, since birth, has glowed a bright tangerine color when put under a black light?

…that he once injected Nutmeg at Christmas and almost died?

…that, like the tiny ant, Steve always falls over on his right side when intoxicated?

…that he was recognized recently (2006) by the Dykema Corperation for being the first person to discover that rubber bands last longer when refrigerated?

…that his left eye is, in fact, larger in diameter than his brain?

…that due to a “special” odor his lungs produce while asleep he will eat an average of 14 spiders each night?

…that after an afternoon of drinking with his brothers, Steve accidentally urinated through his tights while swordfighting Michael Redgrave while visiting relatives at Stratford-upon-Avon?

…that Steve’s brother, Shaun Ellis Perry, has recently spent 18 months living in captivity with a trio of wolf pups that had been abandoned by their mother at birth, educating them as wild wolves in the hope that they could survive in the wild? Their mother, Penelope Poofta Perry, has since disowned both siblings.