45 Years, 45 Songs

On the 25th of this month I will be 45 years old. To some of you out there that may seem like a big number; others may call me a mere ‘pup’. To me, well, it’s just another day, another year. Not a milestone, or a turning point, or anything so dramatic. The fact I made it to middle age is not that surprising. What is surprising, though, is the fact that I have carried my music fanaticism and addiction with me for at least 35 of those years, only waning for a very brief time in my 30’s. Although my record obsession started not only as genre specific but decade specific (new wave, the ‘80’s), it now spans almost six decades, and multiple genres. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, well, I’ll leave that up to you.

At any rate, I recently read an article where Bill Drummond, of sonic terrorists The KLF fame, came up with a list of his favorite songs from each year that he has been alive (59, I believe?). That seemed like an interesting thing to do, so I decided to sit down and do a little musical research. It was fun, and kind of enlightening, too. But like any other list it will forever only belong to the here and now. One year or more into the future and I decide to try this again, it will be a totally different list. Of that I have no doubt. Compiling this was a difficult and frustrating ordeal. So many amazing tunes had to be left off, in addition to some of my favorite bands! But here is today’s list, by year, starting the year I was born, the chaotic 1968.


1968: “Dear Prudence”, by The Beatles

1969: “Victoria”, by The Kinks

1970: “After The Gold Rush”, by Neil Young

1971: “Feel Flows”, by The Beach Boys

1972: “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters”, by Elton John

1973: “The Real Me”, by The Who

1974: “Autobahn”, by Kraftwerk

1975: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, by Queen

1976: “Livin’ Thing”, by Electric Light Orchestra

1977: “Marquee Moon”, by Television

1978: “Miss You”, by The Rolling Stones

1979: “Making Plans For Nigel”, by XTC

1980: “Holiday In Cambodia”, by The Dead Kennedys

1981: “Theme For Great Cities”, by Simple Minds

1982: “Falling and Laughing”, by Orange Juice

1983: “Age Of Consent”, by New Order

1984: “What Difference Does It Make”, by The Smiths

1985: “In Between Days”, by The Cure

1986: “Sweet Bird Of Truth”, by The THE

1987: “The Human Jungle” by The Jazz Butcher

1988: “Left To My Own Devices” by The Pet Shop Boys

1989: “Can You Dig It?”, by Pop Will Eat Itself

1990: “Kinky Afro”, By The Happy Mondays

1991: “Slip Inside This House”, by Primal Scream

1992: “MMMM Skyscraper I Love You”, by Underworld

1993: “Lazarus” by The Boo Radleys

1994: “Girls and Boys”, by Blur

1995: “Common People” by Pulp

1996: “Emperor Tomato Ketchup”, By Stereolab

1997: “Richard III”, by Supergrass

1998: “Holes”, by Mercury Rev

1999: “Race For The Prize”, by The Flaming Lips

2000: “The Crystal Lake”, by Grandaddy

2001: “Receptacle for the Respectable”, by Super Furry Animals

2002: “Heavy Metal Drummer”, by Wilco

2003: “Vincent O Brian”, by M Ward

2004: “Take Your Mama”, by Scissor Sisters

2005: “It Beats 4 U”, by My Morning Jacket

2006: “Pass The Hatchet I Think I’m Goodkind”, by Yo La Tengo

2007: “Melody Day”, by Caribou

2008: “We Call Upon The Author”, by Nick Cave

2009: “Stop The World and Let Me Off”, by John Doe and the Sadies

2010: “Home”, by LCD Soundsystem

2011: “The Look”, by Metronomy

2012: “Motion Sickness”, by Hot Chip

2013: ? Your guess is as good as mine.