Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Ph-ph-ph-ph phases!

Sometimes I envy the genre specific music fan; those people who are so enamored with a particular style of music that all others are ignored totally. It must be really easy for them… Continue reading

Whose Vault Is It? Amoeba Music & The Ethics Of Reissuing Records

Yet another interesting article from THE QUIETUS. CLICK HERE!

The New Bowie Album Is Really Great

…according to The Quietus. Read the full, track by track review RIGHT HERE

Terrifying Children’s Album Covers

Because it’s my Birthday today and I can’t be bothered, here’s a little something-something from another site. Go there. It’s funny! It might take a few moments for you to see it. We’ll… Continue reading

Confessions Of A Record Store Junkie, Part III

Those huge neon records pictured above were a big deal to anyone growing up within 100 miles of Toronto. They were the calling card of Sam The Record Man, one of the largest,… Continue reading

Just Because I Love This Photo…

OMD Decimal

If this experimental track is anything to go by, then I think I’m going to love the new OMD album, due in April of this year! Very Kraftwerkian!

Is Anyone Listening: A New Album From David Bowie

So Bowie’s releasing a new album in March, eh, and what do y’all make of that? Does a new Bowie album matter anymore? What are your expectations, if any? Like many fans, I… Continue reading

Undervalued Treasure: Plastic Beach

Plastic Beach has turned out to be my favorite Gorillaz album, overtaking Demon Days, but it didn’t happen overnight. The songs here wormed their way into my brain over time to such an… Continue reading

“Welcome, my friends, to the songs that never end…”

And speaking of 27 minute keyboard solos… So I’m making my monthly rounds of the thrift stores the other day and I’m comin’ up empty. The shelves this time ‘round are absolutely devoid… Continue reading