Not The Beatles, But An Incredible Facsimile

Is the music of The Beatles so pervasive that every pop and rock artist and every pop or rock band contains some semblance of their sound? Were their sonic innovations so unique they made it impossible for artists 50 years in the future to come up with something even slightly groundbreaking? Am I over thinking this?

The answers are yes, not really and Hell yes.

Yes, the Beatles sound is still everywhere, as I’ve noted many times before on the blog. No, there have been plenty of groundbreaking artists that have been able to take elements of the Beatles music, update it and be considered ‘innovative’ and ‘fresh’ and even ‘influential’ in their own right. Hell yes, I over think everything, don’t you folks know that about me by now?

The Bands that do it best, in my opinion, co-opt the feeling of the Beatles music and not necessarily the sound while updating it using modern production methods, although a combination of all three works best for me. The most copped sound is from their psychedelic period of 1966-1967/early ’68 and just happens to be my favorite era for the group to boot, so let’s focus on that. Wild abandon, experimentation run rampant, druggy/droney soundscapes, lots of melodies and atmosphere. That’s what I’m looking for here. Those modern albums (and I better qualify ‘modern’, while I’m thinking about it. How about…1980-present day?) that manage to sort of sound like a Bizarro World (any Superman comics fans out there will know) future version of the Fab Four.

I could do a list, and I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I’m kind of tired of lists at the moment. Feel free to leave your own in the comments section!