iPod Roulette

Time for another installment. No cheating, totally random. Here we go:

Space Cowboy, The Steve Miller band. From before he was a mega star, this is a nice little slab of hippy space blues.

Holland, The High Llamas. Brian Wilson deciple Sean O Hagen pens a teenage symphony to himself. Nice, pleasant, like all the High Llamas stuff. Not super exciting, not original, just…nice.

Cadillac, Combustible Edison. These guys brought back ’60’s space age bachelor pad music. Groovy!

Tender Object, Orange Juice. Scottish soul from the OJs first proper LP.

She Makes Me, Queen. Deep cut, still Queen. From their best decade, the 1970’s.

The More I See You, OMD. A cover, apparently, and one of the few duds on their otherwise fantastic second album.

She Don’t Use Jelly, The Flaming Lips. A novelty hit from Transmissions From The Satellite Heart, a transition album right before they went stratospheric.

Instrumental Two, Paul Weller. A little jazzy interlude off Wild Wood.

I’m A Boy, The Who. Every time I hear a song by the Who I’m reminded just how good a simple pop band they were at the beginning. Wonderful.

Inoculated City, The Clash. This could have been from Sandinista! Combat Rock is very similar to that triple album. Still pretty terrific.