Some random thoughts for the new year

What’s the worst letter for band names? “G”, I think.

I’ve had a hankering to listen to Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast lately. Somebody please help me.

Is ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery the worst prog album of time time? Nope. That would have to be Tales From Topographic Oceans by YES.

Aside from the title track, Emotional Rescue is far worse than you think, and aside from Start Me Up Tattoo You is far better than you remember.

The world needs a sequel to Beck’s disco manifesto Midnight Vultures right away.

I need a better set of head cans.

The cassette will make a major comeback in 2013.

The long awaited sequel to Loveless will be amazing. Primal Scream’s new “psychedelic offering” will suck serious ass.

The butt raping of 80s music will cease anD the kids will embrace Count Basie and Lawrence Welk’s back catalogue.