Thrift Store Finds, #2

I only found 4 this time around, folks. An interesting cross section, though. Classic rock, ‘90’s alternative and one very unique (to North Americans, anyway) album I’ve meant to pick up for a very long time now. Total investment $4.00.

The Breeders, Last Splash: Much more than just Cannonball, although that remains a great song. Kim Deal, so-called second banana from the Pixies, released this at virtually the same time her full time band announced they were done. Fortuitous timing, I should say, as it sold more copies than most of her former band did in their lifetime, thanks to that afore mentioned alt-classic. The album remains weird, melodic, poppy and experimental, thanks to Kim’s knack for pop and a couple of well placed instrumentals.

The WHO, Face Dances: How can you do it alone, Pete? Known for the albums sole ‘hit’ You Better You Bet, this is late period WHO and a major guilty pleasure for me. One of the first LP’s I bought with my own money (mostly due to the fantastic cover), it is an atypical record for the who and has more in common with Townshend’s Empty Glass solo album than anything by The WHO during the ‘70’s. Weird, and about a 6/10, but some decent tunes here. This wasn’t a CD buy, but a proper vinyl LP.


Stevie Wonder, Songs In The Key Of Life: I love Wonder’s early ‘70’s output (Innervisions, Talking Book, etc) and always considered him a pioneer, along with Marvin Gaye. But, like Gaye, Wonder migrated into the world of smooth, saccharine pap R&B songs along the like of Ebony and Ivory. It is for this reason that I never bothered with Songs In The Key Of Life, choosing instead to just replay Innervisions. This is a massive record, and quite good, although I don’t think it’s the best album of Wonder’s career.

Divine Comedy, Casanova: Boy, can Neil Hannon write a great pop song! Along the lines of Jarvis Cocker from Pulp, Hannon has that knack for interjecting social commentary in an entertaining and non invasive way into his songs. He practically oozes British Fop, he’s well read and is a sharp dresser. But never mind all that, this guy just keeps putting out quality records that continue to be ignored. Oh well. He’ll remain our little secret, ok?