Most anticipated albums of 2013

Now not all of these expected releases will happen. Some of these are simply wishful thinking, and some are actual fact.These are just my personal anticipated favorites, but as always I’m sure I’ve forgot a couple. So help a dude out and let me know what I’ve missed.

Kraftwerk (Well, they’ve been saying they will be releasing a new album of studio material since 2009, so we’ll have to wait and see if it materializes. I hope it does, and I hope they inject enough solid ideas to retain their relevance)

Flaming Lips (about time. Screw all these weird experiments and focus on releasing a proper album every 2 years, ok?)

Mercury Rev (this is either gonna be great or just ok, like the last one. They’ve been writing songs while touring deserters songs, so I’m a hopeful little camper)

Super Furry Animals (not sure if this will come to pass but it’s been so long since the last one I’m starting to get the shakes!)

Teenage Fanclub (looking forward to more dependable and melodic power pop from Scotland’s finest)

Sloan (see above, but replace Scotland with Canada)

Primal Scream (will I ever learn? The band is explaining that it’s gonna be a “psychedelic guitar record”)

Stone Roses (yup, it’s official! Time to redeem yourselves, boys)

Pulp (cocker has said it’s a definite possibility. I hope it happens)

New Order (not the original line up, it ill take it!)

Spoon (?)

Yo La Tengo: the old stand-bys are set to release an album early on, most likely February. YLT are nothing if not dependable and I’ve always considered them a more palatable veRsion of Sonic Youth; less abrasive and more tuneful but the last couple of albums have been a little too predictable. Hope this one is different. We will just have to wait and see.