Best (New To Me) Music Blogs Of 2012

I’m not just the author of a music blog, I’m also an avid reader of others musical musings. I’ve done this a few times before, and have mentioned some of the sites I regularly frequent and have been for years, and will do so again in 2013, ’cause they deserve as much recognition and eyeballs as some of the “Big Guys”. But every year I discover some new ones, and now would be the time where I publicly declare my affection for these curators of chaos, these musical muses, these…bloggers of note. So here we go. Give them your attention, click on them regularly and link to them from your own blogs, if you have one. They deserve it.


Neil Peart, supreme drummer for the Canadian band RUSH, has been populating his website with ‘stories from the road’ for quite a few years now, and the reason it’s such an entertaining and unique read, time after time after time, is because he rarely talks about the band. It’s all about his travels, the trials and travails of getting to the next show, on motorcycle, with his constant riding companion and friend. For those who don’t know, Peart always rides his motorcycle to get to the next Rush gig, and he rarely takes ‘the road most traveled’. No, freeways and the easiest routes don’t interest him; it’s all about the back roads of America, of Canada, of Europe. While his band mates (Geddy and Alex) are flying first class he is 20,000 feet below on a road labeled “PRIMITIVE”, stopping at little diners, chatting up the locals, getting stuck and getting back on track and always, always getting to the gig, on time, no matter what these routes throw at him. Peart is an excellent writer and his updates (usually every two months or so) are lengthy and entertaining. He’s notoriously shy, so this glimpse into his personal life is most welcome. It’s the blog I’m most anxious to get an update from. Even if you’re not a fan of Rush, you need to bookmark this one.


This site focuses on deluxe editions, box sets and reissues ONLY. Over the past few years I have chosen to repopulate my collection with items such as these for a number of reasons, the primary three being the following: they look better, they sound better, and there’s more. is the site if you’re interested in such things.


This site has been the biggest ‘referrer’ to my newest blog THE80SDIDNTSUCK.COM, and is a wonderful news source on everything alternative and ‘80’s oriented, musically speaking. Go there and go there often.


The post that got me hooked was the BEATLES BET, where the curator and host of Every Record Tells A Story made a bet with his friend that he could purchase the original Beatles albums from the ‘60’s cheaper than you could get the new complete box set. The 5 part series was a very entertaining read; funny, suspenseful and above all else extremely entertaining. I’ve been a fan ever since.


Here’s a man after my own heart and heritage, a dude who has a real love and affection for Scottish pop, in particular those who appeared first on the Postcard label, with a strong focus on Edwyn Colling and his old band Orange Juice, Aztec Camera and others. He looks good in a kilt, too, right?


Here’s an all encompassing music blog that manages to steer you in the direction of some newer stuff and remind you why you need to pull out those dusty old friends again and give them a spin! I may not always agree on the choices, but most of the time I do. Excellent writer, as well.


…And from the shameless self plugging department of the Nightmare….I started this blog on a bet. Someone told me a few months back that the 1980’s, musically speaking, sucked. I told him that there were at least 500 examples I could think of, over time, that would prove him wrong and I’m determined to do it! So I’ve got about 30 or so published over there, and another 30 waiting to be published. I try to publish one example every two days. Will I get to my goal in 2.74 years? You’ll have to tune in to find out.