The LA’s

Here was a ’90’s British band with a, not so surprising, arrogant as hell front man, who released one almost perfect album and then promptly dropped off the face of the earth.

The almost perfect album in question is the self titled one pictured above. You know it for the minor US hit (and top 20 in England) There She Goes, but the rest of the album is nearly as catchy. It sounds effortless, but apparently it was immaculately and painstakingly created by Lee Mavers, the above mentioned arrogant toss-pot genius who wrote the thing. It’s a great collection of jangly, post Smiths guitar rock songs that are quite beholden to the mid-’60’s, more Byrds than Beatles. It reminds me a bit of the Stone Roses debut minus the dance elements of that great album. In a perfect world the album would have spawned 5 hit singles; of course it did not, but that’s ok, ’cause it did in my world.

Mavers apparently has been working on a follow up for the last 22 years but we’ve yet to hear anything of value that remotely approaches the brilliance of this one.