Top 13 Horror Flicks

This is a list of my own, personal list of The Top 13 Horror Movies Of All Time. There are some obvious choices, but they’re obvious, in my opinion, because they’re good. Some ‘different’ and not so obvious ones here, as well. All are enjoyable, some silly and some definitely disturbing. Starting at #13:

#13: Creepshow–A guilty pleasure, this. It’s just a heck of a lot of fun, little horror skits inspired by the E.C. Horror comics of the ’50’s. And bugs. Lots of bugs!

#12: A Nightmare On Elm Street–Before Freddie got all campy and silly, this still sends shivers down my you-know-what.

#11: The Sixth Sense–Even though I know the ending, I can still watch this and still be amazed at the great story and acting.

#10: Evil Dead II–Another ‘funny’ one, but with way more gore than Creepshow. A classic!

#9: Shutter Island–This one took me by surprise, and it is endlessly wonderful, with great acting, especially by that bad kid from The Bad News Bears movie.

#8: Nightbreed–A Clive Barker classic where the bad guys are the good guys, and vice versa. I watch this movie many times a year, not just during October. Great creatures!

#7: Nosferatu–Because it’s a classic, and disturbingly real.

#6: Hellraiser–Forget the sequels, stick to this original Clive Barker classic story of damnation and S&M…with fish hooks! “Jesus Wept” indeed.

#5: Seven–Disgusting but extremely compelling movie. You can’t take your eyes off it.

#4: Exorcist III–Controversial choice, but come on! George Friggin C. Scott!!

#3: Silence Of The Lambs–Buffalo Bill was the highlight, in hindsight, but the story remains one of the best of all time.

#2: The Shining–I actually like the movie better than the book. Weird, I know, but visually this is one of the best made horror movies of all time.

#1: Freaks!–I guarantee you this horror flick from the ’30’s will give you nightmares for years, for one reason only: they used real sideshow freaks.