An Oddity From The ’80’s

WHO: Alphaville

ALBUM: Forever Young


Who are these guys? Well, they’re from Germany and kind of sound like a poppier version of Kraftwerk. A synthpop album, then, but a pretty darn good one. To me, Forever Young has always sounded like the aural equivalent of the movie Logan’s Run. That is, kind of sci-fi dystopia with cheesy undercurrents. Like, why does everyone in the future wear tin foil? Do you know what I mean?

That cheesy factor is one of the reasons to revisit this album. A good majority of today’s hipster bands are far too serious and grounded in ‘the real world’ and lack imagination. But back in the go-go ’80-‘s, especially the early years of the decade, bands sounded like they were having a lot of fun. Sure, there are many examples of post punk gloom and doom, but there was also a lot of bizarre musical concepts littering the record shops, too. This is one that, for me, still sounds like a forgotten gem and will most likely always remain a guilty pleasure of mine (one of many).

The song Forever Young was a minor hit in Canada and was played to death at high school dances and Big In Japan was the breakout, making the top 10 of many a worldwide pop chart. But as is the rule the ‘hits’ off an album are more likely than not sub par to the rest of the album. Opener A Victory Of Love sets the stage with it’s slow burn synth patterns, and Summer In Berlin and To Germany With Love sound almost celebratory in addition to being the 2 ‘epics’ on the record. The album dips in quality a tad near the end of the album, as so many ‘80’s albums did, but overall this is an album that you can just enjoy for what it is: An oddity from the ‘80’s that you can pull out every once in a while or whenever you need a break from the bearded masses the record industry is pushing on us nowadays.