The First Flaming Lips Album I Refuse To Buy

“The Flaming Lips seriously need to chill out or Embryonic will merely be a blip on an otherwise uninterrupted downward trajectory.”

This is a comment by a fan of The Flaming Lips responding to a negative review of the F’Lips newest collaboration album, Heady Fwends. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t even have to listen to the album to tell you that I hate it. Collaborations with Biz Markie and Ke$ha? Song titles like Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee and  the horribly titled Helping The Retarded To Know God don’t make me want to rush out and sample the thing, either.

The other factor is that the Lips didn’t really collaborate with their Heady Fwends, at least not in person. I believe that it was all done via the web, and from the sounds of the reviews I’ve read it sure sounds like it. I remember when Frank Sinatra did his first Duets album with Bono and other ‘hip’ artists of the time and being kind of disgusted that they did each part in a separate studio and then had the producer splice the two together. There’s something very un-rock and roll about that. I can understand and even appreciate that most albums aren’t constructed via the ‘four guys in a room jamming’ approach. But with a band like The Flaming Lips you need to at least have the illusion that they used the same studio and had input in the final product.

I have been a fan since The Soft Bulletin days, and this will be the first album by the F’Lips I won’t purchase. They’re going to have to come out with a hell of a great (proper) album to earn my hard earned dollar bills next time around.