Django Django

Man what a strange and wonderful album this is. Like the aural equivalent of watching a match up between Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch. Django Django are a band with a pedigree. Main guy and drummer Dave Maclean’s brother was in the amazingly underrated Beta Band and you know what? There are elements of their sound here, but so much more. I hear a lot of my favorites in the sound of Django Django: Super Furry Animals being the most prominent example, and in the absence of anything new from those guys in quite a while this is a most welcome addition to my collection. These guys are also much more than the sum of their influences, though. A subtle element of electronica is present throughout, the guitar, unlike most albums these days, is untouched by technology, for the most part, which gives the sound, ironically, a futuristic/nostalgic twist. The songs are first rate, too: Default is one of the best, and catchiest, singles you’ll hear all year, and the only way to describe Firewater is as “Folktronica”. Surf guitar, ‘60’s harmonies, Public Enemy sirens, Egyptian atmospherics and, as allmusic states, a smidgeon of “glitchy jazz-blues” thrown in for good measure.

It’s one of the more creative offerings this year and definitely one of the very best. Weirdly they released their first single almost 3 years ago and then…nothing until January of this year, when they put out the hard copy of this, their debut, in Europe. Sounds like a recipe for instant obscurity to me, but luckily for them the timing couldn’t have been better. 2012 saw a resurgence in this type of music (psych) with great albums being released by Tame Impala and Spiritualized to name a couple, and Django Django fits in wonderfully. It took me a while to warm to this as a whole, but I am now totally hooked on this weird, little album from Scotland.