Ok, let’s put this to rest one final time. Sandinista! is the best Clash album. No contest, end of story. The lazy criticism of this album is that “somewhere in Sandinista! lurks a fantastic single album”. Filler? Sure, but for a triple disk there’s bound to be. It reminds me a bit of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, another triple that starts to run out of steam on side 5 (remember vinyl, kiddies?). That record makes a fantastic double, and so does this one.

London Calling contains 19 amazing tracks, with absolutely no filler. Below you’ll find what I believe are Sandinista!’s best 19 tracks so I can compare the two equally, side-by-side. Some of the so-called ‘filler’ tracks that I omitted to narrow the set down to 19 tracks I quite enjoy. They are part of it. It’s a glorious mess, and cutting it up like this is a bit of a sacrilege, but for this exercise…well, I just had to. Let me know what you think.

Magnificent Seven

Hitsville UK

Junco Partner

Ivan Meets GI Joe

Something About England

Rebel Waltz

Somebody Got Murdered

One More Time

Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)

Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)
Corner Soul

Let’s Go Crazy

Police On My Back

The Call Up

Washington Bullets


Lose This Skin

Charlie Don’t Surf

Kingston Advice