IPOD Roulette

Haven’t done this for a while. Haven’t been playing my iPod in a while, truth be told. Goin’ “old school”, you know. But I’ve recently found some ‘me time’  whereby I’ve chosen to put on the old headphones (real phat ones, not those stupid ear-bud thingies), plug ’em into the pod and chill out with some quality tunes. Like I’m doing right now, actually. This is real time, folks. Well, I kept notes and now I’m posting the results. Here we go!

Seen The Light, by Supergrass (From Life On Other Planets): A highly underrated song from a highly underrated album by a highly underrated band. This is power pop of the ’70’s variety. Great melody and killer riffs all over the place.

Surfing On A Rocket, by Air (From Talkie Walkie): The “hit” from the French duo’s 3rd album, the one that supposedly brought them back to critical acclaim. Electro pop, pure and simple, kind of similar to Man-Machine era Kraftwerk.

League Of Nations, by Simple Minds (From Sister Feelings Call): Great early/mid period Minds track. Still edgy and more electronic leaning than they would get.

Hey You, by Pink Floyd (From The Wall): I almost never listen to Floyd anymore, and there’s no reason for it other than overfamiliarity. The thing is, though, that I always enjoy when a song by Floyd comes up on shuffle. Still the weirdest band to sell a zillion albums.

Big Kick, Plain Scrap, by Nick Lowe (From Labour Of Lust): This album’s not as consistantly great as Jesus Of Cool, but still, by anyone’s standards, an excellent listen. This is one of the highlights and sounds just like you think it does, given that title.

Speed At The Sound Of Lonliness, by John Prine (From Anthology): A3 would go on to do a fantastic electro cover of this song for their Exile On Coldharbour Lane album, but it doesn’t pack the same emotional punch as the original. Only Prine can combine humor and pathos so seamlessly.

Do You Remember The First Time?, by Pulp (From His ‘n’ Hers): Known as “the album before Different Class”, His N Hers is just a really great pop album, and this is one of the singles. Sounding very european and very modern (still), it remains one of the best in their catalogue. Oh, yes, it’s about sex, of course.

Sick Things, by Alice Cooper (From Billion Dollar babies): did you know Donovan sang on this album’s title track? ‘Tis true! But this song is the one that made parents scream in horror. Many copies were burned at PTA meetings back in the day, I’m sure.

Fire On High, by E.L.O. (From Face The Music): By far the best, most manic instrumental song the ‘Orchestra ever put to wax. Amazing, like the rest of the album.