Fleetwood Mac: TUSK

I think it’s fair to say that the general music snob community is far enough removed from the ubiquity that was Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours that we can all appreciate the genius that was/is Tusk.

I mean, really, how large were Buckingham’s balls back in 1979 to think he could get away with a totally weird, fu*&ed up, cocaine induced double album after the success of Rumours? The label gave the guy a blank check and he maxed it out, man! Of course it was a failure, only selling like a kajillion million copies as opposed to Rumours bajillion, trajillion zillion units. Like the Beatles White album, or the Clash’s Sandinista, or Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything?, or even ELO’s Out Of The Blue, Tusk is a brilliant mess.

It’s twisted and mellow.

It’s beautiful and frazzled.

It’s manic and ethereal.

This is some crazy shit!

Allmusic states that Buckingham “owns this record with his nervous energy and obsessive production, winding up with a fussily detailed yet wildly messy record unlike any other.”, but the others make contributions as well, albeit aided greatly by his ‘obsessive production’, which still sounds amazing. Like those double albums I mentioned in a prior paragraph, Tusk’s sequencing doesn’t really matter. It’s an album that benefits from the old IPod shuffle, because nothing sounds similar. ‘Over and Over’, ‘Save Me A Place’, ‘What Makes You Think You’re The One’ and the title track (cocaine in musical form) are warped pop of the highest order. The record practically sweats.

Buckingham would leave soon after and The Mac was never able to recover. But who cares, ‘cause they left us an amazing 3 album run that we can go back to ‘Over and Over’ again.