Phish Phood

Jeeze, Old Nazz over at Bleedin’ Out continues to get raked over the coals for a post he did on Phish 3 effing years ago! If you’ve read Bleedin’ Out for any length of time you’ll know that his tastes are greatly varied, but the cowardly commenters seem to like to latch on to his love of The Punk Rock to try to prove a point, like that’ll help. Nazz can hold his own, as his responses (one of which I’m gonna copy and show ya in a minute) clearly demonstrate.

I, myself, have been to a Gerry Garcia show, right before he died and, truthfully, cannot remember a damned thing other than a whole bunch of Caucasian dreadlocks selling balloons filled with nitrous, faux hippies bartering really terrible vegetarian food for really terrible weed, and the most god-awful smells this side of Arkansas. That said, I do have a weird sort of respect for the Grateful Dead.

As for Phish…I can say honestly that I have never had an urge to listen to them. The bio on allmusic was enough to put me off:

“During the early ’90s, Phish emerged as heirs to the Grateful Dead‘s throne. Although their music was somewhat similar to the Dead‘s sound — an eclectic, free-form rock & roll encompassing elements of folk, jazz, country, bluegrass, and pop — the group adhered more to jazz-derived improvisation than folk tradition.”

Sorry, rather shove a balloon animal down my throat thank-you very much. “Jazz derived improvisation”. Sheesh.

Here’s a classic Nazz response to one of the anonymous Phish lovers:

“Phish are boring, redundant, and self-satisfied. Many of their fans are retro-hippies who would have been chewed up and spit out “back in the day” and can only exist on their mommy and daddy’s hand-outs.

This summer, as you follow the band around, ask some of the lot kids… barefoot, dirty, and stinking like Trey Anastasio after a 2 week smack binge; holding a finger in the air looking for a “miracle; what their GPA was at their Private College this year.”

Phuckin’ brilliant, man.