“Bike Ride To The Moon” (and other collected oddities)

For those of you don’t know, XTC went all secret agent man on us in the mid 80’s, created a phony band name a-la Sgt Peppers, gave themselves cute ‘60’s sounding nom de hoax’s (Lord Cornelius Plum, Sir John Johns, etc), and released one of the best psychedelic pop records of all time. Damn that XTC! They make it all seem so easy, don’t they?

The “band” name was Dukes Of Stratosphere and the compilation album is called Chips From The Chocolate Fireball. I say ‘compilation’ because these tunes were originally released as one EP (25 O’Clock) and one album (Psonic Psunspot), then reissued by Virgin as Chips…

This album and its songs would fit in perfectly between Odessey and Oracle and one of the earlier Pink Floyd albums, with a mixture of Ogden’s era Small Faces thrown in for good measure.

If you are a fan of XTC and don’t have this, well shame on thou! If you’re not a fan, you still need this, as it really doesn’t sound like XTC, other than the vocals. Well, maybe it sounds a little bit like Oranges and Lemons, but not all that much. At any rate, this is a first class pop album, and now that’s it’s readily available I think you ought to check it out.

Or, if you want to shell out for the deluxe package, try and get your hands on this: