A Fresh Take On An Old Classic

There is no way anyone could say something original about Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It’s all been done, to death, by a million critics and fans. The run out groove at the end of the album, the fact that all 4 Beatles hit the same chord at the end of A Day In The Life, the acid connection in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds…it’s all so ingrained in our collective psyches that it’s impossible to say anything unique. Or maybe there is. Hater’s critiques may give a fresh perspective. I am definitely not one of them; I love this album and will continue to love it ‘till the day I…well, you know. Let’s trawl Amazon and see if the 1 star reviews of this landmark album can bring anything fresh to the table.–E

“This album and the Beatles in general are way too over-rated! How can you people say this album is perfect without it having ONE GOOD METAL GUITAR PART! you people need to learn what GOOD music is. I suggest: Dragon Force, Megadeth, and Death Cab for Cutie.”

“Just wanted to let people know that this album has some satanic ties. Myself being a lover of rock music I realized some of the messages being conveyed were satanic. Notice on the album cover of this album, there is a picture of Aleister Crowley (top left second person)the biggest Devil Worshipper who started a satanic following. Listen to the lyrics they sound innocent but listen closely. The message given is “Start A Revolution” “Do What Thou Will”, Those are teachings of Crowley, also notice the statue on the cover (bottom right under the BEETLES) That statue is mentioned in many of Crowley’s teachings. Guess who Sgt Pepper is… Yup Crowley!! Notice the lyric “It was 20 years ago today…Sgt Pepper taught the band to play” Just wanted to give a warning to those who didn’t know! Why do you think this band got so big!!”

“This album is a rip off Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. The Beatles copied Pink Floyd and this is the reason why Pink Floyd is better. Simply a weak and disgusting effort. Best avoided.”

“This is a worthless album. Why does everyone make such a big darn deal about it? This is nothing compared to what Zappa had achieved by that time. Sgt. Pepper wouldn’t even exist without Zappa; his album Freak Out inspired it and out shined it by about a million miles. Do yourself a favor, skip this piece of hippie pop-culture B.S. drivel.”

“Let me get this straight: four pampered sissies from England recklessly spend exorbitant amounts of money on mind-altering drugs…then they rent a studio and proceed to pontificate endlessly on one of the most ridiculously overrated albums in music history. For the uninitiated, welcome to the wild and wacky world of the late 1960′s.”

“I just bought this CD and I dont’ see what all the hype is about. My teacher always talks about the Beatles but they have no lyrical skills, my cousin Rodney is a better song writer than these clowns. I think they should remix these songs with 50 Cent or Snoop, then they’d really get some fans behind them.”