Ranking The Beatles

I have a question for you.

Have you ever asked someone what their favorite Beatles album is? Did their opinion differ from yours? I bet you an autographed Ringo drum stick that it did.

At this point, and I think you’ll agree, The Beatles are virtually beyond any criticism. They introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century and are revered by millions of rock fans who universally agree that they didn’t release a bad record during their 7 years of recording albums.

But ask any Beatles fan what their favorite Beatles album is and chances are the answer will be radically different from yours.

For example my wife is a fan of the early stuff while I tend to gravitate towards the mid to late 60’s output. I know people who prefer the White album’s chaotic creativity over the structured brilliance of Abbey Road and still others who prefer the muscle bound rock and roll of Help! over the whimsy and sophisticated psychedelia of Sgt. Peppers.
With me, as I stated, it’s the latter half of the bands career I find most consistently enjoyable, but the ranking changes quite regularly. Here’s my (current) favorite Beatles albums, in order, for you to critique and debate over.

#13. Yellow Submarine

#12. Please Please Me

#11. With The Beatles

#10. Let It Be

#9. Beatles For Sale

#8. A Hard Days Night

#7. Help!

#6. Abbey Road

#5. Magical Mystery Tour

#4. Sgt. Peppers

#3. Rubber Soul

#2. The White Album

#1. Revolver