What to do, what to do…

I’ve been worrying lately that I’ll run out of things to discuss on this here little blog ‘o’ mine. I try to do a post every 2 days or so, but to date I’ve posted 568 here on WordPress and another 328 on the old one over at Blogger. That’s since November 2007, a grand total of 896 posts in 59 months, or 15..2 posts per month on average.

Now, I’ve got approximately 1,300 albums in my collection at the moment and believe me when I tell you that a good 25+% are not worth talking about. That leaves 975, and I’ve probably already written about 700 or so. Which means, according to my 15 blog posts per month self imposed mandate, I’ve got another 18 months worth of posts up my sleeve.

Or, I could write more ‘opinion’ pieces, posts about songs, more posts about artwork and band histories. Maybe point out with more regularity the massive amount of other quality sites over there in my blogroll. If I intersperse the album and band stuff with these things I could probably stretch out my blogging life-span another 10 years, right?

Or, I could just get a life.