Too Much Time And Too Little To Do…No, Reverse That

Any of you out there get overwhelmed from time to time choosing from your massive selection of music? Ever feel overwhelmed? I do, almost daily, and especially this year. 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year for new releases, and coupled with the fact I’ve been rediscovering a lot of old gems makes choosing music for my daily commute a big chore. Can’t have too much good stuff? Oh, I believe you certainly can, monsieur!

Generally I choose about 20 CD’s per week to listen to. The new one’s, always about 10 or so, are the mainstays and are coupled with another 10 of the ‘oldies but goodies’. Each morning consists of me agonizing over what to choose. Do I go with the tried and true that I haven’t heard for a decade and have been jonesing to hear for the last week, or do I go with one of the new kids that have been piquing my interest? Most of the time the newbie’s win out and the old farts are relegated to weekend listening sessions while cleaning up the abode, or weed-eating the acreage.

At any rate it’s a conundrum, but what a great problem to be afflicted with.

I was attempting to explain this to a coworker the other day and she just kind of looked at me with vacant eyes, clearly not understanding why I choose to burden myself with such a strange issue. Most folks are like my co-worker, you see, and I don’t know how they survive without a passion for music. Music is simply background noise to them, something to throw on to pass the time. To get into the minutia of music fandom is an unthinkable thing to them, tantamount to wasting one’s life here on this planet. They’ve got better things to do, like listen to conservative (or liberal) talk radio, or watch American Idol or the Bachelor, or Dancing With The Stars, or any number of other more important ‘time wasters’.

Are we born with this, or is it learned

Because I really think I am in the minority here