Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Ranking RUSH

Rush has released a new album, their 20th, entitled Clockwork Angels, and it’s a doozy! The review will be posted a little later, but I think it’s as good a time as any… Continue reading

My Favorite Rolling Stones Song

What’s my favorite Rolling Stones song? Why, Emotional Rescue, of course! It’s got plenty of sleaze, plenty of danger and, perhaps most importantly, it’s got a killer groove. So good it’ll make a… Continue reading

Official London Olympic Playlist

Not bad, not bad… Captain Algernon Drummond, William Johnson Cory – Eton Boating Song Elgar, AC Benson – Land of Hope and Glory The Jam – Going Underground Muse – Map of the… Continue reading

Did you hear about the cannibal who passed his uncle in the woods?

It’s the prerogative of the old(er) music fan to draw comparisons to the bands of their youth when listening or critiquing new stuff. I’m not that old, a youngish 44, but I’m at… Continue reading

Confessions Of A Record Store Junkie, Chapter One

I wake up in the middle of a pile of jewel cases strewn about the floor like empty vials of crack cocaine and wonder what the hell just happened. I’m sweating like a… Continue reading

Here We Go Magic: A Different Ship

“With A Different Ship, Here We Go Magic has clearly and undeniably arrived at the port of entry to indie rock’s pantheon of top shelf acts – an utterly shattering release that anyone… Continue reading

The Stone Roses

When I first heard “Fool’s Gold way back in late ’89 (or was it early ’90?), it blew my brain pan all over the wall. I had not heard anything like it; Bootsy… Continue reading

What to do, what to do…

I’ve been worrying lately that I’ll run out of things to discuss on this here little blog ‘o’ mine. I try to do a post every 2 days or so, but to date… Continue reading

Bitchin’ Reunion Albums…and some that ain’t

So the ’80’s are back, in a big way, eh? That most ridiculed of decades is enjoying a bit of a critical renaissance, and I couldn’t be happier, ’cause it really was a… Continue reading

Yet Another Rant

Just as I start to think that I’m too jaded to be really and pleasantly affected by new music a band or an album comes along that restores my faith. I am now… Continue reading