“Exsqueeze me?”

As you are no doubt painfully aware, I don’t cotton to “Greatest Hits” packages much. It’s not a rule, and there are exceptions, like this one…


Singles 45’s and Under




 Take Me I’m Your

Goodbye Girl

Cool For Cats

Up The Junction

Slap and Tickle

Another Nail In My Heart

Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)

If I Didn’t Love You

Is That Love?


Black Coffee IN Bed

Annie Get Your Gun

Squeeze was a great band with so many great songs, and anybody calling themselves a lover of pop music should definitely own Cool For Cats, Argybargy and East Side Story in their entirety. After those it all gets a little spotty, with brilliant tunes intermingling with pale imitations of what they used to be capable of producing. But if you can only find the money for one CD buy this first compilation of the band’s early hits. It brilliantly shows the band’s progress from jerky new wavers (Take Me I’m Yours), to amazingly poignant and current songwriters (my personal favorite Up The Junction, Another Nail In My Heart, Pulling Mussels, etc) all the way through to their white boy soul classic Tempted. The progression was so seamless that it doesn’t really sound like you’re listening to a greatest hits package. It sounds like a really, really great ALBUM. Not a duff track to be found, unlike most of their ‘proper’ albums which always contained one or two. If you’re a fan you’ve probably stopped reading by this point, so for all of you newbies to Squeeze you need to pick this up immediately.