Come on, Wayne!

God knows I love the Flaming Lips. They haven’t released a sub-par album since the mid ’90’s, and even the ‘just ok’ ones (Zaireeka and Mystics) had their share of amazing moments, but could have definitely benefited from someone having the balls to edit some of  Wayne Coyne’s more…ahem…eccentric ideas.

But I’m getting a little sick of all of the crrraaazzzyyy product the boys have been putting out while us fanatics wait patiently for a new, proper…I said PROPER… album.

USB ports encased in a gummy skull/fetus? An entire cover album of Dark Side Of The Moon? A multi-colored vinyl only collaboration with the likes of Jim James, Nick Cave and Yoko Ono? Kid movie  soundtracks? A science fiction movie made in Wayne’s backyard?

Meanwhile we all wait patiently while Coyne indulges his inner ‘artiste’. I just hope I don’t lose interest.