Your Brain Will Stop Getting Pleasure From New Music…Eventually


When you’re a kid, the absolute worst music in the world is whatever your parents are listening to. Your dad is out in the garage listening to goddamned Foghat, and you wonder why he doesn’t want to cram that power drill right into his ear.

Then when you grow up, the absolute worst music in the world is whatever the teenagers are listening to. You’re still listening to real rock or rap, the hardcore stuff from back when music was genuine, while they’re listening to some derivative manufactured Justin Bieber bullshit. Dammit, why won’t they listen when you try to show then what real music sounds like?

If you’re reading this and are somewhere in between the “kid” and “grownup” stages, you’re probably thinking that you’d never just let your musical tastes freeze in time. You’ll keep finding new bands as they emerge, staying on the cutting edge until the day you die.

But Over Time …

As you get older, your brain becomes more and more unable to handle dopamine, which, as we’ve pointed out before, is a big factor in making us feel “the chills” when a new exciting piece of music comes on.

Because nothing you hear will have that same effect on you as the fresh exciting sounds of your youth, it will become harder and harder to get fired up about new music. Your musical taste will therefore stagnate, regardless of how on top of the trends you were at 17. If you want to know what new music will sound like when you’re 50, go spend an hour watching TV shows intended for toddlers. See how long you can tolerate it.

So, you’ll get older and settle down and, inevitably, the ubiquitous Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac will mysteriously appear in your collection, like a Gideon Bible in a hotel. Just accept it.

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