A Review

Wow, what a fantastic Psychedelic Furs record this is! A true return to form, with Richard Butler’s Thin-White-Duke-after-smoking vocal rasp retaining its appeal, and the members of the core band, meanwhile, have clearly honed their chops since their last real release in 1991; Ashton’s lead guitar work avoids both wankery and simplicity in favor of a balanced, artistic power on lead off track ‘Changing The Rain’. Third track, ‘I Can See Through You’ has a brooding, quiet beginning with strange twists and turns and ends up a brawling rocker. Skying comes off as serious without being self-consciously deep as well. The truly amazing epic ‘Moving Further Away’ is the most frazzled but most successful track here, recalling the band’s peak on the Todd Rundgren produced Forever Now.

Skying ends on another high with ‘Ocean’s Burning’, a soft guitar and rhythm combination introduces the song, then fades away for the main section to begin; Butler details bits and pieces from a lost relationship over a sharp full-band performance, and a final drum smash leads into a reprise of the start — a fine way to end a fine record.


This isn’t a Psychedelic Furs album?

It’s by The Horrors?

No way. Really?

Wow. Never would have guessed.