Let’s Talk About Crap, Bay-Bee!

Let’s talk about shitty music for a moment. It seems to me that the last 10 years or so has produced some of the shittiest…no, THE shittiest music ever.

I’ve only been around for a little over 4 decades but that’s enough, in my opinion, to be a fairly decent judge of popular music. It’s not that hard either, to be able to tell the difference between what’s good and what shit is. All it takes is a pair of ears.

For those of us lucky enough to be born with ears sifting through the excrement comes fairly naturally. Most of us can smell a turd with the first note. Oh, and there’s one other factor: you’ve got to  have a real and true love for music. The folks who buy the crap and keep Simon Cowell in his designer wife beater tee-shirts absolutely loathe music. They hate it, but they don’t know they hate it. They are consumers of disgusting, mass produced filth because they are susceptible to subliminal advertising messages and peer pressure and because they do not know any better. They’re the same people that wait in line for the McRib sandwich, that buy rainbow colored ‘skinny jeans’ and think Michael Bay is Gods Gift to film. They’re the one’s buying the Coldplay and Clay Aiken and Nickleback records.

If you really and truly care about what’s ‘hip’, you are this person.

NO, I am not talking about the young ‘uns; teens and tweens cannot be held responsible for what they like. I am specifically referring to the unwashed adult masses I described above. They have no excuses.

Or maybe they do. People who buy this nonsense are the ones who buy framed prints to hang over their couches because it matches their color scheme. Velvet Elvises to over-produced, formulaic music, the only way to develop a discerning ear is to be exposed to as much different stuff as possible, and as early as possible, and then make up your own mind what you consider ‘good’.