The Top Songs Of The 1960’s: #60-#46

46. Led Zeppelin, Dazed and Confused: For the longest time I thought this was released in the ‘70’s. Page’s greatest guitar moment, in my humble opinion.

47. The Monkees, For Pete’s Sake: For some reason this short little song by this weird little band always gets me and sums up the feeling of the decade better than any of their ‘hits’. “In this generation….”

48. The Byrds, I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better: People forget about the Byrds when mentioning the great bands of the ‘60’s, but they put out some fantastic tunes that defined the decade. Even their Dylan covers became the definitive versions.

49. Harry Nilsson, Everybody’s Talkin’: What an underrated songwriter this guy was, eh?

50. Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth: That opening ringing guitar chord and opening line of “There’s something happening here,” always makes me think of lounging in Golden Gate Park.

51. Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit: Quite possibly the most psychedelic song on this list riddled with psychedelic songs.

52. The Grateful Dead, The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion): The only song of the Dead’s ‘60’s output that made my list. Psychedelic gypsy music of the highest order.

53. Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding: I have always thought that JWH was Dylan’s best and most understated album, and the title track is fantastically minimal and affecting.

54. The Zombies, Care Of Cell 44: A baroque gem from an underrated album.

55. Simon and Garfunkel, Mrs. Robinson: Defined the mid ‘60’s, and the best use of “dododo’s” until the Police one upped them in the ‘80’s.

56. Neil Young, Down By The River: A murder balled in the truest sense. Slow and dark with some great sludgy guitar work.

57. The Kinks, Victoria: This track is from Arthur, one of my favorite Kinks records. I almost picked ‘Australia’…

58. The Velvet Underground, Heroin: An epic in every sense of the word. A minimal and stunning piece of art drone rock.

59. Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues: It’s Dylan’s greatest drug song.

60. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, Misirlou: A great punk rock track released a decade before punk. The future DK’s were listening…