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The Top Songs Of The 1960’s: #15-#1

1. The Beach Boys, God Only Knows: This has always been my favorite song of the ‘60’s, even when I was too young to really appreciate the Beach Boys. Carl Wilson’s vocals have… Continue reading

Yet More Funny (and real!) Album Covers!

The Top Songs Of The 1960’s: #30-#16

16. Smokey Robinson, Tears of a Clown: the English Beat recorded a classic cover of this song, but the original is the sound of ‘60’s Motown personified. 17: The Count 5, Psychotic Reaction:… Continue reading

The Top Songs Of The 1960’s: #45-#31

31. Etta James, At Last: I just love this song. It sounds like it could have been recorded 100 years ago, but it somehow fit into the ‘60’s like a glove. 32. Donovan,… Continue reading

The Top Songs Of The 1960’s: #60-#46

46. Led Zeppelin, Dazed and Confused: For the longest time I thought this was released in the ‘70’s. Page’s greatest guitar moment, in my humble opinion. 47. The Monkees, For Pete’s Sake: For… Continue reading

The Top 75 Songs Of The 1960’s

The 1960’s, for me, were all about The Song, as opposed to The Album. That may sound weird coming from me, I know. But the songs of the 1960’s were more satisfying and… Continue reading

Talkin’ ‘Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues

The Flaming Lips are forever searching for meaning; the meaning of success, of failure, of death and life, of love and of hate. It’s obvious in not only their “popular” songs such as… Continue reading

How to get featured on’s “Freshly Pressed”

Rule #1. Talk about cheese. Wax poetic on the joys of making your own Asiago, gush over the flavor party that is Gouda, bash the poor downtrodden and pedestrian Swiss, debate over the… Continue reading

The Best Albums Of 1992

In 1992 Japan officially apologizes for forcing women into sexual slavery during World War II; Jeff Dahmer is sentenced to life in prison; The Freddie Mercury tribute concert is held. Sigh… Beastie Boys, Check… Continue reading

The Best Albums Of 1997

The year was 1997, and it was a particularly eclectic, and very good, year for pop music! Not much happened, news wise, so I’ll leave it at that! Spiritualized – Ladies And Gentleman… Continue reading