New Releases For 2012

Paul Weller
Sonik Kicks due March 27

Weller’s last effort, Wake Up the Nation, split his fan base right down the middle. I loved it and thought it was his best in a decade. He will release his 11th solo album this spring, which will include guest appearances by Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon, presumably not on the same track given their distaste for one another.

Vampire Weekend

These guys intrigue me and the last album was pretty great, so I’m looking forward to this.

Sweet Heart Sweet Light due March 20

I’ve revisited the amazing Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, in addition to the Spacemen 3 discography, and even though Jason Pierce and his band Spiritualized have been releasing the same album since the late ‘90’s I’ll still pick this up in the hopes it will knock my socks off.

Clockwork Angels due in the spring

This one’s supposed to hearken back to the Rush of old; side long epics and old school prog rock. After 2 decades of not giving a shit about a new Rush release my interest has been rekindled. This should be a great one.


Rancid celebrates their 20th anniversary by releasing a new album. These guys remain relevant torch bearers and a new release is reason to celebrate.

Primal Scream

Album #10. Sigh. To be a fan of Primal Scream in this day and age is to constantly be disappointed and under whelmed. Frontman Bobby Gillespie recently told Q magazine that fans should expect “a psychedelic record.” We’ll see, but my hopes for another Screamadelica or XTRMNTR are not very high.

Queens of the Stone Age

Mildly awaiting this one. Not a huge fan.

Wonky due April 3

Who knows about this one? It could be great, it could be terrible. Flood is producing, so chances are good that, as long as they write some good tunes, it’ll at the very least be a decent throwback to the early ‘90’s rave scene.

Of Montreal
Paralytic Stalks due February 7

I’ve only glommed on to 2 of this band’s albums, as the majority of this prolific bands output has been pretty scattered. I’ll be previewing this prior to purchase.

Neon Neon

Boom Bip and Super Furry Animals front man Gruff Rhys side project will record a second album. According to what I’ve read it may not even be released in 2012, but I hope it does. Since SFA aren’t scheduled to release an album this year a new Neon Neon album will be most certainly welcome.


Not a huge fan; Muse is more of my wife’s speed.


Been in a Smiths mood lately but I have to admit I haven’t followed Morressey’s career very diligently. The last album of his I purchased was 2004’s good-to-great You Are The Quarry.


All I can say is that it better be better than the last one, or I’m done!

Paul McCartney
Kisses on the Bottom due February 7

Collaborations with Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder isn’t enough to get me excited about this one. I remain skeptical.

Le Voyage Dans La Lune due February 7

The French duo’s seventh studio album is inspired by the 1902 sci-fi classic of the same name (A Trip to the Moon) , and I long for a return to the space age bachelor pad cool of Moon Safari. I’m fairly excited about hearing this one.

The Avalanches

Maybe they’ll release it this year, maybe not. We’ve been waiting since 2000 for a follow up to their amazing debut, so what’s another year gonna do to us?

The Beach Boys

Oh God. This will either be pretty special or one of the worst albums ever recorded. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Word is they’re thinking about releasing a new album. I hope they do.

The Flaming Lips

The only album the Lips will release in 2012 is a new LP filled with collaborations with artists including Ono, Bon Iver, Nick Cave, and Neon Indian. I’m pretty stoked about the Yoko Ono and Nick Cave collaborations, but I wish they’d complete a follow up to Embryonic sooner rather than later. Stop mucking about, Mr Coyne!

Green Day

Their stock has risen in my book. Where I once considered them sell-out punk wannabe’s I now look upon them as a damn good rock and roll band. They’ve earned their stripes, but I think they need to stop with all the concept albums already and release a good, solid punk record this time out.

Hot Chip

Haven’t heard much about this Europop band’s latest other than its almost completed.

The Knife

Never really delved into this bands records, but they’re on my bucket list for 2012!

Mr. M due February 21

Mr. M marks the 11th studio album for the Nashville-based alt-country group. Only time will tell if this will stand up to prior masterpieces Nixon and How I Quit Smoking.

Jason Lytle

The former Grandaddy front man looks to be nearing completion of his second solo album. While I am not delusional that it’ll be up to par with The Sophftware Slump, I still think Lytle has it in him for at least one more brilliant album. Hope it’s this one…