Monthly Archive: February, 2012

The Best Power Pop Albums

Allmusic defines Power Pop as “a cross between the crunching hard rock of the Who and the sweet melodicism of the Beatles and Beach Boys, with the ringing guitars of the Byrds thrown… Continue reading

Old Hairy Misogynists

If… The Clash=The Beatles The Sex Pistols=The Who The Buzzcocks=The Kinks The Damned=The Count 5 Then… The Stranglers=The Doors   What an odd bunch these Stranglers were. They were too old, too hairy… Continue reading

New Releases For 2012

Paul Weller Sonik Kicks due March 27 Weller’s last effort, Wake Up the Nation, split his fan base right down the middle. I loved it and thought it was his best in a… Continue reading

Pickin’ On Pitchfork, Volume Number…oh there’s been so many I forgot!

Look hard enough on the internet and ye shall find what ye are looking for. I was just curious, wanted to find a little more information on Pitchfork’s rating system and I stumbled… Continue reading

A Critical Re-Evaluation

There are albums in an artist’s career that are deemed ‘sub par’ by both the critics and the fans. Sometimes, in hindsight and after the passage of a little time, when you revisit… Continue reading

Kaputt: Destroyer

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have, as of last week, managed to go my entire life without hearing a single Destroyer album. I don’t know why that is, really; I have heard the guy… Continue reading

Things that are buggin’ me today

#1. Employees who follow me into the restroom and want to ‘chat’. #2. Teenagers with the Black Flag logo tattooed on their forearm and who have no clue who Black Flag were. #3.… Continue reading

I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass

Yo La Tengo (roughly translated from “I’ve Got It!”) are one of those bands that have been critically acclaimed but commercially ignored for most of their career. That’s saying something, too, because they’ve… Continue reading

Pickin’ On Pitchfork, Volume IV: David Cross Is One Funny Mo-Fo!

A while back Pitchfork posted a review of the new David Cross album (he’s one of the funniest comedians out there…Mr. Show, anyone?), and it wasn’t very flattering. As a matter of fact… Continue reading

In Search Of The Holy Grail

It’s what we’re all looking for and something we rarely find. But we do find it occasionally, and when we do a feeling of euphoria fills our world and reignites our passion for… Continue reading