The Most Inconsequential “Greatest Hits” albums Of All Time

Bend over and take one for the team Record Buying Public!

The following are my picks for the most ridiculous, pointless and downright silly “greatest hits” compilations of all time. But you know what the sad part is? People actually bought these, and they weren’t just purchased by clueless parents the day before Christmas. These tertiary musical footnotes actually had a fanbase at some point, else the greedy record companies wouldn’t have green-lighted these packages of pooh. I mean, have you even heard of Nelson? Nope, me neither. Just look at the cover below. They look like the twin sisters of Johnny and Edgar Winter! And even my beloved 80’s gave birth to the wannabe pop star/actor with the likes of Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis and those guys from Miami Vice releasing bizarrely “not-intentionally-hilarious-but-hilarious-just-the-same” albums. Scary stuff, folks. Enter at your own risk!