The Very Best Of Neil Diamond…nah, just a quick post on The Super Furry Animals

Ah, how to describe the music of the Super Furry Animals?

Techno, prog, punk, new-wave, no-wave, psychedelic, poppy, weird, Welsh, druggy, scatological, intelligent, political, silly and artistic are a few choice words I’d use to describe this unclassifiable band. However, the word that makes more sense when you’re talking about the Furries discography is IMPORTANT.

Since 1996 the Super Furry Animals have released 9 proper albums, one out takes collection and one singles compilation. All save one have been brilliant, and the sub-par one ain’t the out takes collection, and even it is miles better than most of the drek released commercially today.

They are Europe’s answer to The Flaming Lips. Both bands have a seemingly endless supply of creativity, a good sense of humor; their albums contain elements of electro/prog/psych/pop/punk and they both have an enigmatic and entertaining front man and key songwriter.

Their albums don’t always reveal their charms right away. Like the best albums it takes repeat listening sessions to recognize the greatness. Each album feels radically different from the other, but the one thing that is the same from album to album is the bands eclecticism and ability to challenge themselves creatively. One song might sound like the Orb, the next might sound like some forgotten Motown number, the next may remind you of NEU! You never know, and you always know, what you’re getting when you buy a Super Furry Animals album.

You will become obsessed with this band once you’ve had a taste.

You’ve been warned.

And for what it’s worth I have ranked my favorite SFA albums below…

#1. Guerrilla

#2. Radiator

#3. Phantom Power

#4. Dark Days, Light Years

#5. Love Kraft

#6. Fuzzy Logic

#7. Rings Around The World

#8. Outspaced

#9. MWNG

#10. Hey Venus