A tip of the hat to Thommy G via Diane Harriet Welch, who started this. The idea? Go A through Z in the alphabet with band names and a song.

Here we go.

A. ABC, Poison Arrow
B. Big Star, Feel
C. The Clash, Washington Bullets
D. Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding
E. The Eels, Hospital Food
F. Flaming Lips, Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
G. Grandaddy, The Crystal Lake
H. Happy Mondays, Loose Fit
I. Inspiral Carpets, This Is How It Feels
J. Jazz Butcher, The Human Jungle
K. Kraftwerk, Trans Europe Express
L. Love and Rockets, Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man
M. Modern Lovers, Pablo Picasso
N. New Order, Procession
O. Orange Juice, The Day I Went Down To Texas
P. Pop Will Eat Itself, Can You Dig It?
Q. Queen, Sheer Heart Attack
R. Rush, The Camera Eye
S. Sloan, Believe
T. Teenage Fanclub, The Concept
U. Urge Overkill, Jaywalkin’
V. Velvet Underground, Heroin
W. Wonderstuff, Radio Ass Kiss
X. XTC, Grass
Y. Neil Young, Out On The Weekend
Z. Frank Zappa, Bobby Brown Goes Down