I’m Going To Give You One Last Chance, Wilco!

Wilco is an odd beast. I got hooked on their weird stew of alt-country/krautrock/classic rock/Brian Wilson/Paul McCartney homage on their fifth album, A Ghost Is Born. I loved that album, and from there I purchased, and also loved, Summerteeth (their best), Being There, and the great, if over discussed, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

It would be an understatement to suggest that I was looking forward to their 2007 album, Sky Blue Sky, and an even bigger understatement to say that I was disappointed and under whelmed by it when it came out. My love for those afore-mentioned albums allowed one sub par release, and in 2009 I purchased Wilco (The Album)…and immediately hated it. The thing missing for those last two releases, I later discovered, was a severe lack of experimentation, a lack of genre hopping, the very thing that hooked me on their earlier albums. They seemed complacent and boring. It’s a dangerous thing to be lauded.

Their new record, due out in a couple of weeks, promises a return to eclecticism and variety. I am excited but will proceed with extreme caution.

One last chance, Mr. Tweedy. If you break my heart again I’ll be moving to greener pastures.