The Police

I was first aware of them in 1978, thought they were pretty cool.

I really dug ‘em in 1979.

I loved ‘em in 1980.

I liked ‘em in 1981.

I hated ‘em in 1983.

The Police are just one of those bands, you know? They were a punk band with a secret, that secret being that they could really play their instruments and had in them a supremely talented songwriter who would go on to squander his talents by swimming with dolphins, brag about his 14 hour tantric sex marathons with his wife, and create jazz-lite albums for the remainder of his days. I still insist that the band peaked with Zenyatta Mondatta and that Synchronicity royally sucked, but whatever.

But before that they were the biggest band in the world and put out some really great records.

Here’s their 5 album discography, in the order of best to last.

Regatta De Blank: “The artistic one”.

Zenyatta Mondatta: “The one with the hits!”

Outlandos D’Amour: The “punky” one.

Ghost In The Machine: “The mainstream one.”

Synchronicity: “The sell-out.”