Uncle E’s Top 20 Movies About Music

#1. This Is Spinal Tap: I don’t have to explain why this is #1, do I?

#2. Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage: Just the best (real) documentary on any band, ever. Wonderful archival footage, wonderful story, wonderful music.

#3. Dazed and Confused: So many memorable lines, and for those of us who grew up in the 70’s it brings back a lot of very fond memories…

#4. High Fidelity: Good movie, even better book by a music obsessive. John Cusack does a really admiral job.

#5. The Ruttles, All You Need Is Cash: A parody on the Beatles by a rare collaboration of Monty Python and early Saturday Night Live players. Look for the special George Harrison cameo.

#6: Joe Strummer, The Future Is Unwritten: Very poignant and very sad movie about the late, great Clash front man.

#7. Trainspotting: Not a music movie per se, but what a freakin’ great soundtrack!

#8. The Commitments; Kind of like an after school special, but with multiple swear words.

#9. The Filth and the Fury/The Great Rock and Roll Swindle (tied). Pistols movies. One serious, one not, both of their time and both good.

#10. Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story: Just a damn funny parody on Walk The Line. Reilly is just hysterical.

#11. A Mighty Wind: Another gem from writer/director/actor Christopher Guest and Co.; not quite as funny as Spinal Tap, but almost. Does for “folkies” what Spinal Tap did for metal heads.

#12. Sid and Nancy: My fiorst introduction to the massive talent that is Gary Oldman, but the guy playing Johnny Rotten almost (almost) blew it for me.

#13. Saturday Night Fever

#14. Rock and Roll High School: Come on, it’s the freakin’ Ramones, man!

#15. Fast Times at Ridgemont High: My wife went to the high school this was based upon in San Diego, and believe it or not it’s Vic Demoan, not Spicoli, that steals the show for me.

#16. The Blues Brothers

#17. The Wall: Still hard to watch, and the story is still convoluted and pretentious, but worth it for the animation of Gerald Scarfe alone. Oh, and the music still rocks.

#18. Almost Famous: Another semi-sappy outing from Cameron Crowe, but very entertaining in bits. The guy that plays a young Ben Fong Torres deserved a special award!

#19. Quadrophenia: Two words: Phil Daniels.

#20. The Doors: Yes, Oliver Stone got it wrong (a little), and his stuff usually makes me retch a little, but Val Kilmer (love him or hate him) did a pretty damn good job without deifying the man.

*Special mention: Woodstock, ‘cause I love to laugh at the buck-nekkid hippies!