Fame, Part 2

Fame: Part 2

In 1980, after some three years of playing in variously unsuccessful bands back in my home town, I moved to Edinburgh where I joined indie group The Flowers, who actually were kinda well known, albeit in a small way. This was a band that had had a couple of singles out, one of which had actually featured in the official indie charts, and whose name was occasionally mentioned in the mainstream music press.

Hell, they were even signed to one of the UK’s more credible indie labels (Pop Aural) and there were even rumors that one or two major labels were interested in signing us.

Now one of the things about joining a supposedly hip band in a ‘happening’ city like Edinburgh is that an outsider such as myself feels horribly provincial. Back in the small pond that was Portsmouth I may have felt like a medium sized fish, in my new environment surrounded by fashionable bright young things…well I was most definitely a minnow.

This being the case I accepted without question various points of view and ways of doing things on the basis that these wondrous folk must know better than a Hick from the sticks like me. As it turned out, this wasn’t necessarily true…as the curry incident described later showed.

Anyway, one day we found out that something big was coming our way…….a big break……. (to be continued…)