Get your sun hair out of my feng shui!

Erpland/Jurassic Shift
Ozric Tentacles

The first thing you’ve got to know about the Ozric’s is that it doesn’t really matter which album in their massively huge discography you choose to listen to. Although ‘Tentacle-heads’ will tell you otherwise, every album is based on five main ingredients:

#1. They’re all 100% instrumental (I’ll understand if I lose you here…)

#2. They’re all based around the sub-sub-genre, ‘Psychedelic Space Prog’ (again, I’ll understand…)

#3. They all contain many, many screamin’ guitar solos and the musicianship is of the highest order.

#4. They are all the brainchild of a guy named Ed Wynne.

#5. The drummer is a freakin’ brilliant madman!

To say these guys are prolific would be a massive understatement. They have over 26 proper albums, and have only been recording since 1984. They’ve gone from pretty organic instrumentation to using more electronics, but it hasn’t made that huge a difference in the sound. I guess if I had to pick a couple as introductions to the band, the one’s pictured above would be where I’d start.