Left to my own devices, I probably would

Pet Shop Boys

A while back when I actually sat down and made myself come up with a “Top 100 Songs” list, Left To My Own Devices, from this album, came in at #14. The song is an epic among epics here, and it’s the best of the bunch…by far.

“I was faced with a choice at a difficult age
Would I write a book? Or should I take to the stage?
But in the back of my head I heard distant feet
Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat”

It’s a house album with Latin textures, and while I would normally find such tings abhorrent, I make an exception for this album. “I Want A Dog” is the funniest thing the boys ever did: “I want a dog, a Chihuahua/ When I get back to my small flat/ I want to hear somebody bark.” Or, “Don’t want a cat/ Scratching it’s claws all over my/ Habitat”.

“It’s Alright” is the second best track on the album and it’s all about groovy ambiance, the title being repeated over and over and over, over an insistent piano.

Music for disaffected yuppies