Monthly Archive: August, 2011

Uncle E’s Top 20 Movies About Music

#1. This Is Spinal Tap: I don’t have to explain why this is #1, do I? #2. Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage: Just the best (real) documentary on any band, ever. Wonderful archival… Continue reading

All You Need Is…4

This ought to be fun… As far as albums go all you will ever need (note: NEED, not WANT/DESIRE) by any one single artist is four. Or less. Even if you’re a diehard… Continue reading

Pop has, indeed, eaten itself

Part of the fun about being a music fanatic is rediscovering songs and albums by bands you wrote off many years ago. But before I go there and share my thoughts on a… Continue reading

Sorry blogger friends…I just wiped y’all out!

Accidentally wiped out all of my links. Will attempt to get ’em back up as soon as possible. Be patient…

Fame, Part 8: The Conclusion (…or is it?)

So I have to admit to being nervous in the studio. Going into the studio is stressful enough, knowing that Hugo was going to be the drummer was sufficient to send me to… Continue reading

Fame, Part 7

Being desperate to remain ‘part of the music scene’ I held my peace and went with the flow without demur. A rather good Zimbabwean bassist from Soweto who went by the kinda musical… Continue reading

Fame, Part 6

Infamy!, Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me! The surface of Mars, Death Valley in California and the ice fields of the north and south poles are all notoriously hostile to human… Continue reading

Fame, Part 5

Fame: Part 5 Time passed ever more slowly…partly due to the ephedrine coursing through our systems, but eventually we were summoned downstairs and waited in the wings as Music For Pleasure concluded their… Continue reading

Fame, Part 4

Fame: Part 4 I slept on a sofa requisitioned from a rubbish tip and all would have been fine were it not for numerous bottles of head de-louser, flea repellent and other assorted… Continue reading

Fame, Part 3

Fame: Part 3 THE BIG GIG: Bob, our boss one day announced he had somehow got us a support slot at the Lyceum Theatre in London supporting Simple Minds in front of some… Continue reading