While My Heart Is Still Beating

Roxy Music

Far from the artsy Brian Eno days, Roxy’s 8th and last album, Avalon is a suave, sophisticated beast. It has been said that it marks the time in Roxy Music’s career that the band ran out of naiveté. Roxy Music helped spawn the ‘new romantic’ movement, especially in Britain, and their later music (Manifesto, Flesh and Blood) was the blueprint for such great albums as ABC’s ‘Lexicon Of Love’, in addition to such drek as Spandeau Ballet and Duran Duran.

It’s a great make-out album; extremely atmospheric, lush and elegant, and flows wonderfully from track to track. It’s an immaculately crafted album but it doesn’t sound forced or calculated. It sounds, well…natural. It’s mystical, accessible, and in my opinion hasn’t dated in the least.

I dig it out rarely nowadays, but I always enjoy it when I do. The original ‘late night’ album, perfect for after party cocktails and fishbowl hose-key parties!