Nobody weird like me

Mother’s Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Before they became HUGE, right before they became HUGE, there was this album. At the time this came out I was just starting to get into “the FUNK”; James Brown, Funkadelic, 70’s Temptations, etc, but was still listening to a ton of punk rock. The Chili’s seemed to combine the two in a real appealing way, and Flea’s slap bass was a real treat. They didn’t sound like anybody else, and I was one of the first kids on my Canadian block to have a copy, a real badge of honor at the time. We all know they eventually spawned a thousand terrible funk rap acts, but their legacy shouldn’t be tarnished because of this fact.

Mother’s Milk was a great album, and the fact it’s their first with ubber guitarist prodigy John Frusciante is not a coinki-dink. He’s a really amazing guitarist and added tons to the overall sound. They were still ‘frat-boy rock’, but I didn’t care. I loved this album and played it to death at a house party I had once at full volume, over and over again. When I woke up in the morning I noticed about 5 or so bricks littering the floor. Apparently the neighbors had thrown them through the windows to get us to turn down the volume.

Obviously we didn’t hear a thing.