Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul!

Rocky Horror Picture Show OST

I wasn’t really aware of Rocky Horror until the late 80’s when I was invited to a “full participation” showing of the picture in Toronto, Ontario Canada by a friend who was well versed in the etiquette and protocol of such things.

“Full participation”, for the uninitiated, means you ‘bring things’ with you to the show that helps the overall experience. Such as: toilet paper (when Brad yells ‘Great Scott!!’, you throw your roll in the air), a squirt gun (to simulate the rain on the screen), newspapers, rice, mustard and hot dogs (preferably uncooked) and prunes, rubber gloves, toast, and more. Much more.

By the end of the film I was a mess: rice in my wet hair quickly expanding, condiment stains on my clothes and face, wet toilet paper in my back pocket (don’t remember how it got there), and other stuff that made me look more of a freak than I already looked back in those days.

It was fun. Really fun, and to top it off after we left the theatre and were turning left onto the highway I was broadsided by some douche bag in a Mercedes! The windows were knocked out, you couldn’t get in the right side of the car and, miraculously, no one was seriously hurt. It couldn’t have hurt that the passengers were all drunk. I was charged at the scene with ‘failure to avoid collision’, something that still baffles me to this day.

Oh, and the music? Fairly ingenious, if you ask me. Science Fiction/Double Feature is still a favorite and stands on it’s own as a real song, as does Tim Curry’s great, over the top version of Sweet Transvestite, and although Time Warp has suffered due to overplay I still remember the steps.

Oh, and Meatloaf played Frankie!