Lakeside Pork

There’s a new Rush-themed restaurant in Gothenburg. It’s called 2112, and opened last month. Inspired by the classic Rush album of the same title, the menu at 2112 is pretty funny.
Here are some of the items. This is real, I didn’t make it up. You can google it if you don’t believe me! For the non-Rush fan I have included the actual names in parenthesis to help you out a little.

1. Caress Of Steak (based on 3rd album, Caress Of Steel)

2. Geddy Leaf Salad (Singer’s name is Geddy Lee)

3. Fry By Night (all-day breakfast) (Second album is entitled Fly By Night)

4. In The Food (Sunday buffet) (song from debut, In The Mood)

5. Spirit Of The Radish (vegetarian menu) (!st Top 40 hit for Rush, The Spirit Of Radio off of Permanent Waves album)

6. A Farewell To King Prawns (seafood) (5th album, A Farewell To Kings)

7. Lakeside Pork (Lakeside Park, located near Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario, and a song on Caress Of Steel)

8. A Passage To Bangers And Mash (Song on 2nd side of 2112, A Passage To Bangkok, the boys ode to getting’ high)

9. Working Naan (Indian cuisine) (The cleverest item on the menu, based on the song from the debut album Working Man)

10. Jacob’s Larder (three-course set lunch) (Jacob’s Ladder, from Permanent Waves album)